Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heavenly fall

WOW! My son went back to school today, and for the first time I didn't take him. He rode his bike. Such a strange start to my first day of fall. I know it isn't really the first day of fall, but the first day of school signals a brand new year to me. so...I am cleaning out my workshop at home, and realize that I have way more bits and bobbles than I will ever need in my lifetime!!! the next couple of weeks, there will be a new section in my store that will hold the small trinkets, ribbons, pipe cleaners, rubber stamps,antique type, buttons, lace, and so much more for sale!!! I will let you know when that area is up and running, for those of you that do collage and other found object art. Most of what I have is vintage, and should be fun to prowl through! I am having fun cleaning out what I have collected for 20 plus years!
However, in the meantime, I have attached some more photos of the shop.
Hope to see you here soon!! (and in COBURG... I am going as a shopper this year!!)


Gail said...

I absolutely love your bits and bobbles idea, how fun is that?
Also love the Fall tone your shop is taking on, save those velvet pears for me, will you?
Can't wait to see you this weekend...
Your BFF,

Gail said...

Oops Mel,
Guess that should have read "baubles", not "bobbles"! Duh....