Saturday, October 11, 2008


Just for today, I thought that I would sleep in...but then my husband ran in to the bedroom, where I lazily opened my eyes and"NO"!!!! He said get up, get your clothes on...there is a sale around the corner and they have "old" things!!! So, I threw some clothes on and ran out the much for a lazy morning!
Anyhoo, here are some pics of my finds- yes- that is an antique velvet box, intact mirror on top and lining the bottom, with an adorable and beautiful label inside the lid. It cost all of 50 cents, and is the start of what I can only imagine to be a "new" collection!!! The buttons are to die for, the ladies gloves with pearls- so cute!!! And the little bitty statues are wonderful! I am sure that some of these items will end up in the Sellwood store, and also in the new store! If you missed the last blog, we are opening a new store on Nov. 1st at 4417 NE Fremont!!! We are so excited, scared and happy that we are opening another store!
And for those of you following my personal life, we have sold our house (knock on wood, I don't have check in hand yet) and are moving out by Oct. 24th!!!! We have found another teeny tiny house not far from the Fremont store, and well, I am up to my neck in boxes, packing, buying for both stores...well, you can imagine the rest!!
will post pics of the new store next week- befores and afters (we are painting right now!)
Enjoy fall!!

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Gail said...

Cutest things eva! I covet that box, as you know I would...good for you, aren't you glad you got up?
Love ya,