Sunday, December 14, 2008

Part 2- vintage satin ornaments, cardboard village, red plaid, angels & so much more!

I just love Christmas...and all of the vintage decor that goes with the season. I especially love the satin ornaments in all the many colors, the reds and the greens, and the white angels. And I can't seem to make enough candy canes out of mercury glass garland beads! I hope you get a chance to stop by the Fremont store to check out all of the many goodies...and I will get pics from Sellwood, just as soon as the snow and wonderful winter snow calms down a bit! Feel free to email me if you see something that you can't live without...I can always send it to you!!! 10 shopping days until Christmas!


Gail said...

Yum! I just love candy canes, those look yummy, as does everything else you have!!!!
I hope you had a good day at your Fremont store today...

Karli said...

Melanie-I came into your store on Saturday (the Sellwood one) with my husband and bought a few items. As we were walking out I looked in the window and saw something that I knew I recognized-it was a huge snowman wood cutout for the yard. I KNEW I had seen him before and then John came out and exclaimed "you know that he was on Peacock Lane for about 20 years!" I just about fainted. I was so sad after growing up in Portland and then moving to Seattle for about 14 years, and returning several years ago to Portland AND Peacock Lane to see that the Snowman was gone! And to find him in your store was a delight I can't even describe! To think that the adorable snowman I loved as a kid is now in MY yard! WOW! Thanks for having-and keeping such good care of him all these years! WIll come back and visit again, and next time bring all of my "Vintage-Loving" friends! You now have a customer for life!