Thursday, July 16, 2009

HOT WEATHER...almost time for a 100th post...and a HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!

well...I am off to the store. I turned the air conditioner on glad as it is supposed to hit 94 degrees today...and hotter tomorrow.
this is my 96th post...if my counting is correct... I am rounding up all sorts of goodies for a giveaway...I want my 100th post to be the one that announces the on my 99th post I will picture the goodies up for grabs! so- stay tuned!
stay cool and have a great day!


Heidi Ann said...

Well- in the meanwhile - congrats on post number 96- and I'll be looking forward to hearing more.......

Gail said...

I'm staying tuned! I better win!!!!!!! Just kidding, I'm sure you'll have a fab giveaway, you couldn't do anything proud of you with your gorgeous store and two booths in Stars and Splendid Mall!
I don't know anyone who works harder or deserves more than you friends forever!!
You'd think from my post that we're 15yo instead of...well, whatever age we are *wink*.
Love you the most!
Gail (the short plump one).

holly darling smith said...

Yes, yes, I'd love to bring them! Keep me posted!