Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Poem for our country

Americans in Strength
by Roger Robicheau
Americans in strength unite

This union born in freedom’s light
United States, how sure we are

We’ll pull together, near and far
The world can see of what we’re made

Each state is of the highest grade
Determination, filled with pride

Our people’s will won’t be denied
Our founding fathers set to stay

The road we’ve traveled to this day
A quest for right cannot be wrong

With help from God, we will stay strong
Support our troops ranks number one

For the job they do is never done
When forced they put it on the line

True patriots, when called they shine
Let’s raise Old Glory with a cheer

And thank all soldiers, past and here


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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A very heart warming poem. It's inspiring reading this. Thanks for sharing.