Friday, April 10, 2009

from great great joy- meet MIKE!!! love at first sight!

Last November, I blogged about our loss of two of our cats. We had recently adopted Tara, who was the pet of a lovely woman that moved and I was doing her estate sale. Tara was bound for the Humane Society, and we took her in. Soon after that, we lost our dear blue cat Ruby, to cancer. Our huge tabby cat Barney, slipped out of our house late at night and simply disappeared (we lost Ruby and Barney within a week of each other. I spent weeks, almost non-stop, searching everywhere for Barney. No luck. blog stayed quiet until I finally did a small tribute to the pair, and received wonderful messages from many- in person and in blogland.
this last Monday, my son, husband & I took a little trip to the Humane Society. I promised nothing. Was teary at first- every tabby caught my eye, and I really didn't think that I could do it. As I walked up to one of the glass doors, a cat headed my way. Looked at me, stopped at the door, and rolled over to show me his belly. was love at first sight!
Mike is home. Tara and Mike are sniffing each other, trying to decide who will be boss (I am sure Mike will be king!)
Mike is not too sure of our 2 dogs. He has taken to "growling" at them, followed by the ever loud HISS!!! I am certain that given time, Mike will break them in!
thought I would share a bit of "personal" news, instead of just store news!
Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Easter!


Diana Leitner (Buggie, Back Up Grammy) Donna Cedergreen (Grammy) Debby Uppinghouse (Best Grammy Ever) said...

Melanie-congrats on your new baby! I love cats but am now way too allergic to have one of my own. We grew up with cats. I had one just like your new baby-we named him spiffer. He was a great, big boy cat with a neurotic soul-but we loved him just the same. He got so frightened once he climbed up the inside of a wall and we had to saw him out. Have much fun with your new guy. XOXO Diana

Patina said...

I love cats too! I know when my Oliver never came home, I too was so sad. I couldn't believe the effect of not knowing where he was had on me. We did eventually find him, but it was not a happy ending.

Mike looks like a great cat. We have a cat that rolls on his back too when we walk by. Our's is very loving also.

Have fun with your kitties!

Draffin Bears said...

Melanie, I know how hard it is when you lose a beloved pussycat.
We had our beautiful seal point Persian Louie, run over in the driveway next door, last year. I was heartbroken and have not been able to get another cat, yet.

Congratulations on your new kitty and I hope that you have lots of fun and enjoyment.


holly darling smith said...

Thank you so much for you kind words. I hope you had a lovely Easter!

Congrats on your new little addition. :)