Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Teaser photos...headed to Monticello Garden Show

Just some of the garden items that will most likely end up at the Monticello Garden Show (starts April 24th!)

Just love the frog with its umbrella!

Fun garden bench, birdbath, plantstand & pottery...the leaded glass cupboard needs some work (hence the paper towels inside!) but I am hoping to have it cleaned up and pretty by then!
Looking forward to the show- I am happy to have been invited to participate- I will post more photos soon! Have lots more to share~


. said...

Oh Such lovely stuff you have. Wish I could go to that show. Well I also love that garden window shed. Oh so lovely. No worries I will be around just not posting.Thanks Denise

Patina said...

Looks like you saved up some fun items! I just love the old cabinet w/ the wonderful old glass doors.

I can't wait to see everything!

Unknown said...

Such great stuff! That cabinet with the old glass.......2 die 4! And I love that froggy sitting under that umbrella.......too cute!

Coleen said...

I just gotta go to that show!! Love the plant stand!!