Tuesday, May 26, 2009

perhaps I am too ambitious...crawling for letters

OK...so I thought that I could move out of the garden show at Monticello,
re-do my store, work on our church rummage sale, and unpack my studio.
hmmmmm...it just didn't all get done (what a surprise).
However, the husband was most patient with me.

he worked the store after the first load from Monticello, while I went to help out at the church.
then I made it to the store and he went for the second load, while I tried to squeeze the first load in...
what would I do without him???
so, I brought in lots of new garden items & pottery. and
gathered together the ladies (dress forms) and put them high in the air with the globes...got shelves bulging full of bits and baubles together for all of us that create...vintage threads, buttons- you name it...I should have it~
oh, you might be wondering about crawling for letters? Remember a previous blog- I have loads and loads of misc. letters (scrabble, anagrams...)- well, we spilled them all over the floor...glad no one was there to take photos or film...we must have looked crazy!!!
so...the store isn't done, but tomorrow is another day- will take more photos of new stuff soon!


Gail said...

Love your "women of the world" display, too cute!!!
You must be exhausted, store looks so inspired....

Denise said...

Oh gosh.....so sorry they all spilled....quite the job to all those picked up. I love your display with your mannequins and the bowling balls. I wanted to drop by and say that I got a new kinda in between camera..its a NIKON P80 with a 18 " zoom. I wasn't quite ready for one of those that you have to change the lenses out and everything...baby steps! LOL! I love it....it takes really clear good pictures.

Denise said...

I forgot a word....its a NIKON Coolpix P80.........sorry.

corsonAlex said...

Mom the store looks so good! And the letters are selling like stumptown coffee! Supa fast! Keep up the amazing work with our store!

disa said...