Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was going to post my giveaway on my 99th post (this one) and announce the winner on my 100th. I will have to post the giveaway on my 100th...I need to get the Fremont fest info out...this SATURDAY our store will be having a 25% off in the store (except for some of my consignors) AND I will be having a sidewalk and alley SALE along the side of the store...I have been cleaning out my storage areas for this sale- so there will be projects and loads of other good "junque" at incredibly cheap prices...just for THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 1st!!!
My son will also be selling off his comic book collection-100's of them (mostly super heroes BATMAN, SUPERMAN, etc.) in like new condition...a great time to stock up for your comic book fan!
I will be closed today, Wednesday, and possibly tomorrow, Thursday, to gather up more good stuff for the sale. I hope that you all can make it over to the neighborhood on Saturday...almost everyone is having specials on that day!
hope you all can stay cool in this heat wave!!


Junque Couture said...

I am glad you found me!

I didn't get your email because you replyed to a post on my blog. Thank you!

Can you let me know how much you are asking for the table? I have to work this weekend or I would be there when you opened! Where are you on Fremont? I have been to Acadia several times.(yum!) I get off at three tomm. I might be able to zip over.

Mitzi Lee Jones said...

I thought I was busy! I bow to the master... Everything is beautiful in your spaces at Stars and Stars & Splendid. And you can bet your sweet bippy we'll be in to visit your store! See you soon! Mitzi

icandy... said...

Wow... I wish that I lived closer! :)

Happy day!

Kathy said...

Oh thankyou so much for your kind encouragement! We are excited to start this new adventure and to begin a new chapter. Have a great week! Kathy

The Green Pea said...

I enjoyed your blog, and will be a new follower. Hope that your Saturday sale was great! Have a nice weekend. Sandi