Saturday, November 12, 2011

Being brave...lessons I have learned from college part 1

1), no matter what Cosmo says, you can't do it all.
2). its much harder to do homework when you are 52.
3). I had no idea how we were raising our beef, chicken, pork and farmed fish...I might be a vegetarian forever.
4). the Occupy people have been there too long. It has become a joke downtown now, rather than a statement.
5). Portland State University has some of the best and smartest professors.
6). My business doesn't run itself.
7). Grocery shopping is very important.
8). Money doesn't buy your happiness, but it sure helps the day to day facts of life.
9). Meeting new people is fun. (from the 18 year olds I have met, to the 40 ish ladies...LOVE YOU ALL...
10). I have wonderful family and friends. (the real ones, the ones that "get" me even when I do crazy things!)

I am so very grateful to those of you that have cut me some slack...especially my family, cuz I have only grocery shopped about 4 times since school started, barely get the laundry in the wash (and you have put it in the dryer and folded, and put away), and have finally vacuumed the large hoards of dust bunnies. And thank God some of you had us over for dinner, the only "real" meals my hubby has had since September! (oh...he gets his wings after living with me this term!)
And to my friends that have understood that I am overwhelmed (oh so very), and supported me all the way, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have really needed those hugs and words of encouragement, and understanding...and although I have enjoyed it most of the time, this has been the hardest, longest 7 weeks of my life. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have 4 weeks more and I am done. Pretty sure I really am done, that I won't be going back. But I will make that decision in December, after a week or two of break time. With 2 big papers that will be due the first week of December ( and a 20 minute presentation in front of the whole class), an Algebra final, and an oral Spanish final, these promise to be 4 very busy weeks.

I am participating in our family Christmas craft sale , as I have in the past. It is next weekend.
I will post more details on that later today or tomorrow.

I hope all of you are having a great fall. Our Portland weather has been fabulous, in my opinion. I love the cold sunny days, and have even enjoyed the storms we have had.
And I hope you are being brave. Trying something new. Even if it is hard.
Cuz...its worth it.
Just to say you did...
hope you all have a great weekend!

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Andy's Attic said...

Love the fun and upbeat sound of this post. I can't imagine going to college now. I didn't like it when I went 40 years ago! Maybe if you took just one class at a time it wouldn't overwhelm your life.
You are very took algebra!!!!