Saturday, November 19, 2011

thank you thank you thank you

Thank you all for coming to our family holiday show- I had my best family show ever...and since we have never "done" a Friday night before we didn't know what to expect...and so so many of you came...what fun it was. You all made me feel like an artist when you scooped up my home made items...thank you! Makes me want to "play " more in my studio!
again...thank are the best!


Bee & Mason said...

so sorry we missed it but as you know we were being plucky in forest grove.
glad to hear you family event went so well. honestly, i am not surprised. :)

Ed said...

We really enjoyed your family show! Love all the treasures I found and enjoyed meeting your family! You've inspired me to get busy and creative so I'm spending my day today making some ornaments with old thread spools. Looking forward to getting together soon!