Sunday, May 5, 2013


I have to admit that Disneyland is such an incredible rush...

That even I, as an adult, was in kid heaven most of the time...
What is kid heaven ( to me)?

Between the four boys ( counting hubby)... I had a lot of testosterone to travel with- and they were the best Disney companions ever! Even though it was a sweltering 97 degrees ( yep- in May!)... And I hate the heat!!! It was a marvelous vacation----- and between us I took hundreds of photos!!
Back to work today- I get keys to an estate sale that we are conducting THIS Friday and Saturday----
Have a great week!!

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Annette said...

so great that you guys had such a good time. thanks for coming by the sale yesterday. It was good to see you....have a good sale and we will play as soon as we can!!!