Sunday, August 24, 2008

so sad

Some days it is hard to let some of the pretty things go...the oil painting of the roses, with the shabby chic green frame (pictured a few blogs ago!), sold today. It was so pretty up on my wall, and now it is on its way to Canada to grace someone else's wall. Ah...the letting go is so hard- I just loved that piece! Well, will just have to find more art to get up on the walls. Brought in so many new things this weekend, and forgot my camera. Will take pics soon and get them posted.
Is it really almost September?


Gail said...

Oh Mel!!!
I know how you loved that sorry. It is hard to let the favorites go but hopefully it's going to a great new home.
Yes, it is almost September, hard to believe.....
Your BBF,

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie , I found your blog through Gail who I found thru my friend Lisa. Imagine my surprise when I am reading her older posts and here you are mentioned. What a small world. In case you are wondering who this is it's Sue ( of Sue & Joe ). We wander in every other Saturday or so. It looks like we all started blogs this Summer. I will add you to my blog roll. See you soon , Sue