Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dog vs. world, MORE fun finds, & birthday presents

So...found this partial nativity set on my birthday beach weekend, the camera, platter, and bees, too!
This gnome was a birthday present from my friend & junking, beach co-hort, Gail. Little did she know that I have coveted this EXACT gnome/mushroom statue in one of my favorite neighborhood shops, BELLA FLORA. I swear she has the same gnome, same color! And I have wanted it for years (ah...the not for sale gnome!).

And finally, I couldn't resist my dog...staring down the largest globe I have ever owned!!! I can't decide if she is deciding which country to vacation in, or if it is a ball to play go fetch!
This has been a fun week so far, and it is only TUESDAY!!!

1 comment:

Gail said...

That gnome story is just eerie, isn't it? I about dropped over when I went into your friend's shop and saw the very same gnome that I had gotten you for your birthday! And then when you said you had been coveting it for so long.......well, just eerie I tell ya!
We're just on the same wierd wavelength I guess.
I'm so glad you were so happy with all your gifts, you must post a pic of your fabu new greenhouse that John et al are building for you as soon as it's up!