Monday, April 27, 2009

please, please, please, WEAR A HELMET!!!

I was on the road today, and was so very frustrated that traffic had slowed to a crawl. There was a woman trying to slow all the cars down (this was on NE Weidler street). There were a couple of cars stopped in the road. If you don't know can be a very busy road, two lanes, one way at this point. I realized that there was probably a fender bender, so I took a deep breath.
As I slowly drove by, I realized that there was a biker on the road, no helmet, bike smashed in pieces. The biker, he had a gash on his head that I can't imagine anyone surviving. As the tears started rolling down my cheek, I drove home.
My son, 15 years old, saw me, asked what I needed (water, whiskey) then asked ...
my son is a biker. bikes everywhere, wears a helmet, most of the time.
he won't forget it again.
please...wear a helmet.
the man on the bike made the news, the "breaking news", barely 15 minutes after I got home. my son wouldn't let me hear the outcome, turned the TV off.
I pray.


Gail said...

How terrifying Mel! That is always such a helpless, scary feeling to go by an accident like that. Hope the guy is ok, and I totally agree about wearing a's the way to go.

Draffin Bears said...

Oh how terrible to come across that accident - I hope that guy is ok.
It is compulsory over here to wear a helmet and it is a fine, if you are caught without one.
You still see people though riding pushbikes without them and I can't understand why they do that.