Friday, April 3, 2009

STARS, EASTER, jewelry boxes, & more...

These crewel bedecked chairs were meant for my house ( I just love them!)...alas they clash with everything that I own. I tried them everywhere...and am sad that they don't go with my decor! So...took them to STARS ANTIQUE MALL today, where I hope they go home with someone that loves them as much as I...
the little lamp is staying at my house- I found it today in a fabulous sale- I think that it is made out of old wallpaper...can't resist that ( Gail, you might get it for your birthday...surprise!).
The clocks, red books, globe...they were fun finds today-

The jewelry boxes...well, how many can one store have? Just love 'em!

the Easter bonnet- I think it might be the same one that I wore when I was 8 years old!


Gail said...

Oh Mel,
What a great day you had treasure hunting....I won't say no to that lamp, it's just birthday is July 30 (hint, hint).
Keep buying those jewelry boxes, I need a partner in crime, and I can't seem to stop. Can anyone say intervention?

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Melanie,

What a sweet Easter bonnet.

I love all your treasures - have you thought about covering the chairs with another fabric?

Have a great weekend

Unknown said...

I love that wallpaper lamp! Awesome! Love that Easter bonnet too..I remember wearing white gloves memories.

Coleen said...

what a great treasure hunter you are!! I love everything! I will have to get to your store really soon!!!

. said...

The more i look at your store I think i've been to it a few years ago. My hubby had business in Oregon. You have a great shop. Do you sell from your photos? Thanks for the comment. Denise

. said...

I'm eyeing some of those jewelry boxes and that parcel post stamp on the other post. Denise

melanie said...

Yes...I will sell from my photos. Just let me know what and which blog it is from, and I can email you prices! thanks for asking!

amber kelley said...
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holly darling smith said...

Hi Melanie!

I stopped by today and bought that cute lamp... it was a pleasure to meet you. :)

Oh-- I love those chairs! They are lovely. Really.

You have such excellent taste!


Ashley said...
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