Sunday, May 3, 2009

favorites...I just love'em!

Well, Mike the cat has made himself quite at fact, one cannot work at the computer without him rolling around on it- therefore I can't be responsible for other cat behaves like a cat-
sleeps all day...eats...and well, you know...

I took a few pictures of items at my house, since I was doing a blog on things I love- I just love letters, roses, ferns, garden statuary... my plants are starting to take over our wee house...the greenhouse will be packed by the time it is done! thanks for letting me share some of my favorites...have a great week!


Gail said...

I just love your favorites! Including your cuter than cute kitties, they are so sweet.
BTW, anytime you're ready to get rid of that hideous rose print....I know someone who would love to take it off your hands for you:)!
Happy week to you my friend, you deserve it.
Go eat something decadent tonight.....

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Melanie,

I love all your favourites around your house.
Your kitties are just lovely.

Have a great day

holly darling smith said...

Do you recognize the quaint candle tower in my picture that I just posted on my blog? :)