Wednesday, August 19, 2009

day off, teenager, police, road trip, barges, and STILL TIME TO SIGN UP FOR 100th POST GIVEAWAY!

this is the almost the end of our road trip...I am going to go backwards. First of all, when is the last time you just got in the car with your kid/kids and took destination or time restraints? well, let me tell can be so very wonderful. this is a picture taken from the tiniest of bargest across ...hmmm...I think we left Washington from a teeny tiny town, and ended up in Oregon at...hmmm...another teeny tiny town. When we landed in Oregon, we were still about an hour or so from Portland...
here is the bridge in Astoria that took us to Washington...and the teeny town that we ate lunch in, then took the 6 car barge across the body of water...
we took a detour in another teeny tiny town in Washington, about 20 miles from the Astoria bridge, and were on a 100 year old covered bridge, the Grays River covered bridge, to be exact. Just followed a little sign off highway 4 to this...what a cool find!
In Astoria, I had to hit the antique stores and drive around seeing the sights, drinking my favorite Stumptown coffee from a wonderful coffee shop in town. They were complaining in Astoria that it was boiling hot at their record setting high of 84 degrees ( a record for Astoria!) as my son and I were saying that we were escaping the 94 degree day in Portland!
well, more pics to come (the rest are on my phone...that I haven't found yet this morning!), this isn't my son running from the police...they were after me!! Somewhere between Rainier and ??? I was passing a van that was going 40 miles per hour on a 55 mile per hour highway...and they called the next town and said that I was a reckless driver!!! when the police pulled me over, they asked what my hurry was...and I was totally truthful when I responded that I was looking for a restroom...
he laughed and gave me directions to a wonderful little outhouse with no running water...oh...the joys of small towns and road trips!!!(however... no ticket for me!)
stay cool! have a great day!

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Gail said...

You, a reckless driver? Nooooooooooooooooooooo, they must have been talking about someone else!!
Your story cracked me up, looking for a restroom (gotta remember that one :))
Glad you and Alex had such a great day, any good finds come home with you?