Friday, October 21, 2011

what am I doing?

As I look around my house, I am struck by the mess. I have boxes of vintage stuff in my tiny living room that needs to be priced. I have to admit, they have been there since I started school.
My tv cabinet is open, and the tv is not on.
My dogs lay next to me on the couch, as I struggle with my spanish homework and as I look around at the chaos that is my house.
I am wondering why am I doing this?
In the midst of my decision to try going back to school, I am halfway through the first term. I feel as if I have gotten nothing done since school started, and I am questioning my decision to go back.
Of course, I had these thoughts that I would go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays...and that would be the end of it. I would get all my homework done between classes, and the rest of my life would stay the same.
I realize that isn't the reality and now I am wondering..."how much can I do"...
perhaps I am just weary today, but the tasks at hand seem bigger than I can handle.
Ever feel that way?


Gail said...

No, I have no idea what you mean! My life is so perfect, my house is clean as a whistle, I cook a perfect healthy dinner every night, and on top of all that, my tv cabinet is ALWAYS closed when I'm not watching it!
Give yourself a break my dear friend and sleep in and have a restful weekend. You'll feel like a new person come next Tuesday!

Bee & Mason said...

Hang in there, your doing a great job. A little rest and you'll feel like a new women. :)

Jilly said...

Enjoy reading your blog and others. I think of blogs as a way to share and receive ideas and tips. I hope to start one some day too. My passion is sewing and embroidery.
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Andy's Attic said...

I call it being "whelmed". And you shoud be whelmed right took on a major life change in going back to school. You have studied and attended classes and tried to keep up with other things and your mind is just having a slight moment of trying to catch its breath. How your home looks now won't matter when you finish school. You are doing a FINE job!! Annette