Monday, November 14, 2011

This Friday night and Saturday holiday sale

this next weekend will be our family holiday sale held annually at my sisters house in NE Portland
My brother in law is a fused glass artist, his sister Jeanne does textile art, friend Doris creates jewelry, creative paper card artist Marcia will be there, and me.
What will I have?
Vintage Christmas. I have saved my prettiest ornaments and trees for this sale plus other holiday treasures as well.
I also have been creating a few mixed media wall hangings, vintage button ornaments, and other treasures from old holiday bits and baubles.
It is a really low key sale. Friday night there will be wine, no extra charge for Friday night. In fact, no charge at all. Just come by and say hi even :)
I guarantee you will be able to find some fun and unique holiday gifts here. Most of these items are all one of a kind.

And just a little FYI...I will be doing a really fun estate sale the beginning of December (right after finals) that will be fun and unique as well...

have a great day!


Janice said...

Please don't forget to post the address before Friday night! Hope all is well; just a few more weeks til you relax a bit!

Thinking good thoughts!

Janice and Ed

Andy's Attic said...

Darn!! My weekend is booked, but I will try to make the estate sale.
Best of luck for finals!!

Richard Cottrell said...

Good luck, hope yo sell out, it is tough out there. Richard from My Old historic House.