Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baskets, pipe cleaners, suitcases, gnomes & platters, oh my!

I felt a like I was in a dream today. I got to play "store" (well, sometimes it is work, and sometimes it is play!). I have been bringing in a lot of my own personal collections to sell at the store. Since moving from our big house to our itty, bitty, bitty one, I have realized that I just can't keep it all. So...I have brought in my favorite vintage Harry & David white baskets with handles (just in time for nifty Easter baskets). AND...if you look closely in the post office sorter, my favorite vintage pipe cleaners are there.

And if you look closely, you will see 2 garden gnomes peeking out in one of the garden displays.
the stack of suitcases...well, there are more stacks than just that if you are a suitcase lover, there are a bunch to choose from!
And lastly, my favorite grouping of green and pink vintage platters. Oh, how I just love them. But alas, they need a new home. My new kitchen is really just a walk in closet in disguise!
so...thought I would share some of the new store merchandise.
Hope everyone is having a great week-end!


Gail said...

Let me tell you all the things I want!
#1 Dress form (big surprise there)
#2 Top 2 suitcases that are stacked up behind her
#3 Everything else (hee, hee)
Good thing I'm not coming up there tomorrow, I don't think my checkbook would ever recover....
Seriously, it all looks so very good, I'm so proud of you for having such a fantastic shoppe!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Melanie,

Many thanks for visiting my blog.

I love your blog and I see you make porcelain dolls which are really pretty. I used to make them about 20 years ago. I will have to post a photo on my blog, one day.

Love all the beautiful things you have on your blog ~ those big oval plates are so pretty.

Enjoy your weekend.


Draffin Bears said...

I forgot to say I love your shop - it looks so pretty and I wished I lived near.

Your dress form is lovely - my daughter is doing fashion and just this weekend said she may have to buy one.
Also love the vintage suitcases - they are always so useful to store things in.


Coleen said...

love your shop!!..if i wasn't getting ready for a show in Spokane, I'd be walking thru your door!!!