Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baskets, pipe cleaners, suitcases, gnomes & platters, oh my!

I felt a like I was in a dream today. I got to play "store" (well, sometimes it is work, and sometimes it is play!). I have been bringing in a lot of my own personal collections to sell at the store. Since moving from our big house to our itty, bitty, bitty one, I have realized that I just can't keep it all. So...I have brought in my favorite vintage Harry & David white baskets with handles (just in time for nifty Easter baskets). AND...if you look closely in the post office sorter, my favorite vintage pipe cleaners are there.

And if you look closely, you will see 2 garden gnomes peeking out in one of the garden displays.
the stack of suitcases...well, there are more stacks than just that if you are a suitcase lover, there are a bunch to choose from!
And lastly, my favorite grouping of green and pink vintage platters. Oh, how I just love them. But alas, they need a new home. My new kitchen is really just a walk in closet in disguise!
so...thought I would share some of the new store merchandise.
Hope everyone is having a great week-end!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can't resist braggin' on my man...

ok...I didn't know when I married my man 21 years ago that he was so talented. I knew that he was smooth. (you don't marry a guy after 3 months of dating without "smooth")! I knew he was a salesman extraordinaire. I knew he was a keeper. But I didn't know that he could wield a hammer! It has been so much fun, listening to him swear (kidding!) at his mistakes. Listening to him hum while he is figuring out where the next nail goes. Listening to him dream little greenhouse dreams.
Since he left his sales job last year, he has been out in the new garage...creating away. And this week he created his biggest "house" yet, a special order from Carol, one of the owners of "Justin & Burks" in Sellwood. They have the most wonderful store, full of exotic shells, fantastic light fixtures, and curiosities galore! I can be in there for hours, just soaking up the ambiance. So, I took pics of John's creation, in Justin & Burks, along with other pictures of their amazing store. Enjoy!!! by the way, if you are headed to Sellwood, they are open 7 days a week and their address is
8301 SE 13th, 97202. Your jaw will drop, and you will be inspired!

Monday, February 16, 2009


The envelope please...yes- the doll head winner is... Martha from Vintage Trifles!!! I am so happy for you! Please send me your email, so that I can get your address and send these pretties off to you!
thanks to all that entered. Sorry it took until today for the announcement. My computer is acting funny, and still won't take my pics...hope that it is just a glitch, and not my whole computer! Where is that teenager of mine...I need his expertise!
I do believe that I loved the giveaway so much that I am certain an Easter giveaway will be happening on this blog...but I must find just the right item...ah...the hunt is on!!!
happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

50th post!!! Fremont store & Bella Flora -my wonderful neighbor!!!

On my 50th blog, I wanted to invite you to NE Fremont. Not just my store, but to the wonderfully creative store Bella Flora, just 3 doors down from my store. Elaine, shop owner extraordinaire, is so very creative. Her beautiful window displays, her fabulous fairy furniture, her enchanting child clothes, her wreathes, her vintage items, I just can't say enough about Bella Flora. She inspires me, and pushes me to be more creative and enthusiastic in life. Since I have moved in, she has rescued a kitten from being run over, found numerous treasures that I have fallen in love with, and supplied me with loads of ideas. If you haven't found her shop yet, run, don't is just fabulous!!! I have include 3 pictures of her window display, and fairy furniture.

I have changed my store a lot, and wanted to share with you some of the updates. I have changed the lighting, display fixtures, and so much more! Plus, I have been shopping, shopping, shopping, so there is lots of new stuff! Hope to see you in Beaumont Village!

Monday, February 2, 2009

3 DOLL HEADs Valentine's GIVEAWAY!!!

Oh what a beautiful morning...oh what a beautiful day...I am in the mood for a give- a-way!!!
soooooo...I will have a drawing on February 14th for 3, yes 3, doll heads. They need you to leave a comment on my blog, make sure that I can find you again, and I will put you all in a drawing for these 3 lovelies! Mention the give a way on your blog, and I will put your name in the drawing twice!!! (let me know if you do this, so I can check out your blogs, too!)
Good luck! and have a great day!