Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was going to post my giveaway on my 99th post (this one) and announce the winner on my 100th. I will have to post the giveaway on my 100th...I need to get the Fremont fest info out...this SATURDAY our store will be having a 25% off in the store (except for some of my consignors) AND I will be having a sidewalk and alley SALE along the side of the store...I have been cleaning out my storage areas for this sale- so there will be projects and loads of other good "junque" at incredibly cheap prices...just for THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 1st!!!
My son will also be selling off his comic book collection-100's of them (mostly super heroes BATMAN, SUPERMAN, etc.) in like new condition...a great time to stock up for your comic book fan!
I will be closed today, Wednesday, and possibly tomorrow, Thursday, to gather up more good stuff for the sale. I hope that you all can make it over to the neighborhood on Saturday...almost everyone is having specials on that day!
hope you all can stay cool in this heat wave!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

30% off one item...if it hits 100 degrees!!

Yes...if it hits 100 degrees, one item of your choice in the store is 30% off, just for blog readers! The only thing that it doesn't include are a couple of consignment vendors! You must come in the actual 100 degree day of the heat wave...and haul off your treasure the same day!, dress forms, mannequins (yes, even Audrey) will be 30% item per reader, if it hits 100 degrees (which I am told could happen later in the week!). so...just my way of being grateful for those that do bear the heat...and read my blog...
we are open Wednesdays thru Sunday, 12-5, (except we do try to sneak out a little early on Sundays...around 4 ish.)
thanks to all of you that read my blog...the give-a-way post is next...and I am rounding up the freebies today!
have a great day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

new furniture at the store...and meet Audrey- she's for sale

sometimes we just get so lucky...we have found some fun new pieces for the store...a cute painted bench

Audrey, the one handed mannequin, has been a fun addition to the store. She is named after the first teenager (female) that walked in to the store after she arrived. We just love her name...
this painted coffee table & two end tables are from the same estate as my desk (see previous post). I really wanted to keep them, but they just don't fit our living room. I just love the flowers!
and this is just a wonderful antique was partially refinished- we think we love it just the way it is!
hope you are all having a great weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HOT WEATHER...almost time for a 100th post...and a HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!

well...I am off to the store. I turned the air conditioner on glad as it is supposed to hit 94 degrees today...and hotter tomorrow.
this is my 96th post...if my counting is correct... I am rounding up all sorts of goodies for a giveaway...I want my 100th post to be the one that announces the on my 99th post I will picture the goodies up for grabs! so- stay tuned!
stay cool and have a great day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the new desk...what made the cut...and...would anyone come for a "fall sale" ?

when you get a new desk...that is smaller, and prettier than the last is time to edit out the junk...
and go for the "pretty". I have really pared this down, with some of my very favorites on display.
the opera glasses, gorgeous tags from little beach designs, a pink one year diary from little beach designs, (yep, love her stuff!)...
my favorite antique booklets, lace, and miniature boxes...
and my favorite miniature couple, that were made in Germany at the turn of the century (the last one!)
just thought I would share a private moment, instead of news of the store.
I am often asked at the store, "what does your house look like?", so I thought I would share a few vignettes. I am also contemplating a fall open house, a little "home sale" in my backyard, since I have also had lots of curiosity about the greenhouse my husband and his friends built for me. Just not sure...would anyone show up? I am currently cleaning out boxes & boxes from storage...and thought that it might be fun to set! just a thought...

Monday, July 13, 2009

GAWDY or GORGEOUS? Please help us decide!

ok, so I just love these bedside tables that I got a few weeks ago...they are green, painted, and just lovely (at least we think so...)
however...we are having a family disagreement as to the lamps that were purchased at the same time- one of us just LOVES them...and the other thinks they are incredibly GAWDY! so...please please please...we need your help- are they GAWDY or GORGEOUS? please leave your comments...we need an intervention...

Friday, July 3, 2009

SPLENDID antique mall OPEN!! it was 96 degrees outside...of course it was! But it was so much fun to be opening another booth that the heat just didn't matter (at least not to me, maybe to my movers-who had to come back to take a trip BACK to my house because I brought too much furniture!)
My STARS booth is more painted furniture, and lots of garden items.
this booth is a bit more formal...
french books, lots of silver plate,

a really nice set of vintage Homer Laughlin dishes
vintage picnic baskets, an old shopping cart, scrapbooks, postcards (in the post office sorter my friend Gail found for me!)
doll parts (of course!), jewelry boxes (of course!) , iron beds, retro lamps, victorian stools,
and just so much more! I hope you can make it over to Sellwood to check it all out!
and...there are so many new things in STARS and in the Fremont store, too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

move in day...tomorrow!

Yes...tomorrow I move in to SPLENDID...the "other" STARS Antique Mall- just right across the street. I am so very excited...and totally not ready- we have been sanding and painting and cleaning and...well, since I just decided to do this about 2 weeks ago, I feel like I am doing ok. I wanted to move in before EXPO, but haven't really finished pricing, well, anything!
I did travel over today, and put down some wonderful floral linoleum that my good friend Christopher from LOUNGE LIZARD (just the best retro stuff ever!) GAVE ME!!! Yes...GAVE ME!!! oh, I just love that man! is an empty "before" picture...tomorrow- the AFTER pics!