Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS...and the prize is...

MY SHABBY ROSES! Thanks for being a follower...and thanks to all that are my readers...I really appreciate all of the support!
the prize of the new Lisa Souers necklaces- I so love them...and want to Debbie gets a lucky number necklace (or Debbie, since you are local, you could come and pick out any of the Lisa Souer necklaces that you want!)
Just let me know- I can mail your necklace to you, can stop by and pick from about 20 necklaces...

Monday, September 28, 2009

LISA SOUERS IS IN THE BUILDING...ok...not the artist but the necklaces!

received Lisa's wonderful necklaces this week...
Have already sold three...
my pictures don't do them camera just would not focus yesterday, no matter what light or how many shots I took...
she has the most wonderful art/jewelry at fabulously affordable prices...
her web-site is if you want to see more styles (and much better photos!)...or come and see them at the store- they are wonderful!
my photos of the lucky number necklaces and the Mary and French Cross necklaces did not turn out...I will try to get photos of those today...they are great~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

time for a follower giveaway!

Haven't figured out the "prize" yet...but it will be fall related somehow...hmmm...what will it be? drawing held on there is still time...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jesus has left the building...

sometimes on slower days I wonder why I am open...and then one customer walks in and changes my life...
a young man (could not have been older than 25 years old) came in yesterday holding a very young child. I asked how old is your cutie and he said 13 months. They walked slowly around my tiny store looking at just everything their young eyes could see.
He stopped at my religious display, looked at a tiny picture of Jesus and said out loud, "that is exactly what my girlfriend wanted" and brought up the small $ 4 picture to the register and said that his girlfriend was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and she needed a picture of Jesus.
I wrapped it up pretty in tissue, put a bow on the bag, and said that it was on the house.
As our eyes filled with tears, he said thank you so much, and left.
I love my store and all of those that share their life with me...
Jesus has left the building...

Monday, September 21, 2009

new at the store...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph...surrounded by healthy ferns...fresh from the market...
pale grey and cream vintage pottery...
neon letters ( I can't resist a letter!)...
the huge letter box that I mentioned in my last blog...along with antique spools...
and very old, glitter Christmas houses...I just love glitter!
the store is open Wednesdays thru Sundays...hope to see you soon! (although, also available on line- you can email me at if you see something you can't live without)
have a super great week...fall is upon us~

Friday, September 18, 2009

a poem ...

General Store
by Rachel Field

Some day I'm going to have a store
With a tinkly bell hung over the door,
with real glass cases and counters wide
And drawers all spilly with things inside.
There'll be a little of everything:
Bolts of calico; balls of string;
Jars of peppermint; tins of tea;
Pots and kettles and crockery;
Seeds in packets; scissors bright;
Kegs of sugar, brown and white;
Sarsaparilla for picnic lunches,
Bananas and rubber boots in bunches.
I'll fix the window and dust each shelf,
And take the money in all myself.
It will be my store and I will say:
" What can I do for you today?"

I found this poem in a early 1900 book of poetry- I feel like it was written just for me!
thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ok...I lied...found some time for photos...

vintage children's books and a brass squirrel...
yes, could not resist putting in some vintage Christmas already...
and this little girl and her trellises...

how pretty...tea anyone?
and these letter boxes...I just love them!
thought I would post just a few of the vintage items that I found last weekend...already at the store...
hope you all have a great week-end!

estate quiet...too little time

sorry the blog has been quiet...getting ready for an estate sale this weekend that I am holding for a friend of a friend...and trying to keep the store open the blog had to suffer this week.
I found some great vintage junque last weekend...will post photos as soon as I am priced and ready at the estate sale. Most of the items at the estate sale are newer, in great shape, and a few pieces of vintage furniture. loads of new power tools, though. Even though we don't buy anything at our own estate sales, my hubby wishes he could live in tool land!
have a great week!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the 3/50 your neighborhood, one store at a time

the 3/50 project came to my attention last fall...the website is and it is a grass roots movement to try and help all of us retailers, small businesses, and well, just every local small business that you can imagine...
since I moved to our Fremont store last November, I have seen one restaurant, one darling gift store, a real estate company, and more close their doors in our neighborhood! so very sad to me. These are our friends, our neighbors, and sometimes our sisters and brothers, husbands and wives.
The aim of this project is simple, saving our local economy.
Please tap in to this website. Find out what it means, what it is about.
Save a small business, one business, one family at a time.
and no, this isn't a plea to come and shop at my store ( although, always nice).
this plea is for all.
this plea is for your favorite restaurant. (my favorite local- Alameda Brewhouse)
your favorite book store. (my favorite local- A Children's Place- can't beat their service!)
your favorite pet store. (my favorite local- Green Dog- hands down- best place!)
your favorite gift store (my favorite local- AZURRO- best soaps, cards, FABULOUS!)
your favorite fairy, flower, creative store (my favorite ANYWHERE- Bella Flora)
your favorite?
don't think they can survive without you, they can't . we can't.
The number of people to start this
to all that have supported me, for almost a whole year, THANKS!
an anniversary sale is indeed in the works. will keep you posted~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

fabulous furniture finds for fremont store (try saying that fast)!

could not resist this small art deco wardrobe...
this dental office filing cabinet on wheels ( husband did faint when tried to pick up!)
fun retro cabinet...
little 3 piece bistro set...
and cute little white mission-ish table...all at the store today...
also bought a claw foot tub (why? I ask myself...)
and numerous other smalls...
sometimes you get nothing...other times you SCORE!!! and this was just a couple of blocks from home.
next time... a picture of the fab silver covered mannequin that I bought off the telephone pole...yep, she was on the wig, tiara...wowza!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS... MAISON DOUCE!!! wow...a local gal! congrats Isabel!
I can ship these to you, drop them off at Monticello...whatever works for you!
just let me know- my email is or call me at the store 503 284-4827!!! AND THANKS TO ALL THAT ENTERED!!!
I am having monthly drawings for my followers- I will announce the winners of that drawing the last week of every ...
thanks for reading and being a part of my blog life!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yep, the drawing is tomorrow...thought that I would include another pic of the prizes...good luck to all---and thanks for reading!!!