Monday, September 29, 2008


It is official! In these crazy times, my husband and I signed another lease for another storefront, this one in the NE Fremont area of shops! Of course, the stock market plunged...the house is on the market...and my life is just sooooooooooo crazy!!! YEAH!)
I don't have pics yet, can't even remember the address (the contract with the info is in the house somewhere!) We will have the keys on the 1st of October, and I will take pics of the empty space and the storefront. We know that we will be painting, spackling, and shopping til we drop!
The Sellwood store is still doing good, with still the nicest landlord in the whole world! Lot of new furniture is headed over there on Wednesday.
I am really thinking that I might want to consign some furniture in the new store, to fill the place up for a while. If interested, please let me know (just respond in the blog!).
I am so excited, I can hardly sleep. I will keep you posted on the Grand Opening date, and how we are progressing.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween house

Yep! I couldn't resist decorating one of John's greenhouses for Halloween! Glitter, ravens, mice, spiders...they are all here! Just thought that I would let you all have a sneak peek before this goes into the store (it will be there Wednesday).
More Halloween to come...
have a spooky day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

more bits and baubles

ok...even more pics of new things. Two vintage shelves that I picked up in Coburg- one black, one cute...and some vintage prints with shabby gold frames...and how about the old fashioned, use your foot to raise the lid wastebasket!!! White with a dark green stripe around the base- wonderful!

More Pictures of All My Favorite Things

I promised more pictures, and here they are! Just a few of the bits and baubles that are in the store right now! More pictures will be added soon!!

Halloween fun

Wow! I have to admit, I love a plastic pumpkin...or a real one... or a paper mache one...well...any pumpkin will do!!! I am starting to change the store in to "fall" mode- deeper colors, oranges & blacks...
I recently brought in a bunch of ferns. They are selling well, and I love the way they look. These are super dainty, and have lots of new shoots coming out of the soil.
I will add some more photos of the store later. We have brought in a lot of new merchandise! and...if you are reading this, and I hope you are...please leave a comment so I know that you were here! And let me know if you are looking/shopping/needing anything special that I might have in my back stock!
Thanks, and have a great week-end!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coburg!!! shop shop shop

What fun it was to go to Coburg and shop! First off, my BFF Gail (littlebeachdesigns) lives in Eugene, and I traveled down there Saturday after the store closed to see her. I was in HEAVEN just looking around her studio. I got there around 8 pm, and didn't get to sleep until midnight- just couldn't stop oohing and aahing over her awesome finds, supplies, decor, one point she said "what else do you want for your shop" and I replied "ALL OF IT!". She sent me to bed and locked her studio door (just kidding, Gail) so that I couldn't smuggle it all in my car!
So, then we got up at 5 am (she said 6 on her blog, but I couldn't sleep I was soooooooo excited) and headed to Coburg. Got a prime parking spot...and started hauling my cute wooden shopping cart around everywhere. Our first stop was at a space that had 1960's plastic pots for plants for 25 cents about 2 dozen of those!!! Then off to Sue and Joe's space- (see pics!). LOVED HER SPACE!!! I left there drooling over that birdbath that is in the photo, then later went back and bought it. Thought it would be for my shop, but now I am not so sure. Looks pretty darling in my backyard right now!
Went and saw Isabella- LOVED her booth, too!!! I just could not stop racing around, checking it all out! I will figure out how to post my favorite blogs and shops, cuz I saw lots of the booths of my favorite bloggers down in Coburg, and just LOVED the displays and items that they had for sale. I was truly inspired by Isabella and Sue and so many other wonderful spaces. I didn't get the photos of my purchases yet, but I am headed to the store with lots of it, and will take photos there! Truly loved Coburg, and will go next year for sure!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heavenly fall

WOW! My son went back to school today, and for the first time I didn't take him. He rode his bike. Such a strange start to my first day of fall. I know it isn't really the first day of fall, but the first day of school signals a brand new year to me. so...I am cleaning out my workshop at home, and realize that I have way more bits and bobbles than I will ever need in my lifetime!!! the next couple of weeks, there will be a new section in my store that will hold the small trinkets, ribbons, pipe cleaners, rubber stamps,antique type, buttons, lace, and so much more for sale!!! I will let you know when that area is up and running, for those of you that do collage and other found object art. Most of what I have is vintage, and should be fun to prowl through! I am having fun cleaning out what I have collected for 20 plus years!
However, in the meantime, I have attached some more photos of the shop.
Hope to see you here soon!! (and in COBURG... I am going as a shopper this year!!)