Thursday, June 25, 2009

the beach? the sunset? good friends?

I am taking a little time off- this gear up for opening another space at Stars & Splendid mall in Sellwood. I am so excited to open, and just can't get my brain to shut down long enough to think looked through some of my old photos, and tried to imagine nature at its best. And to see nature at its best. And feel nature at its best...and smell nature at its best... and I am so lucky to have a girlfriend to whisk me off to the beach this week-end. I think that it will do my mind and body good to revitalize...and then be back full steam ahead next week...ready to open next Thursday. My mind is full of all of the projects to price, and paint, and clean...and...
so- these are some of my favorite places...thought I would share them with you.
I'll be back next week!
Have a great week-end...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fabulous week-end finds and a tiny preview of new STARS booth

ok...if you wait long enough, and shop every day of your life, your dream desk does come to you! I was soooooooooooo lucky this weekend, I found fabulous junque for the store, for STARS, for my new booth at STARS & SPLENDID (moving in to that one on July 2nd) AND even my dream desk & chair. I had to take pics of the desk, and the rest of the photos are some of the items that will be headed to the store or StARs. the footstool has a gorgeous carving of a head on either side, the stool will be headed to SPLENDID, my new booth. (JULY 2nd!)
the FOX print will be headed there as well.
these pictures are just a teaser...I will be posting more photos hopefully every day this week, as we dust up and paint up and price the new junque!!!
stay tuned...
by the way- I love hearing your feedback & comments!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

sometimes the treasures are in the trash

for most of my youngest years, I remember summer garbage nights vividly. my father would take me "garbage picking". I remember riding my bike around the neighborhood, checking out the piles at the street. And if there happened to be a wonderful antique chair, table or small treasure, home it would come with us.
I wonder where I got my love of discarded junque from? could it be those wonderful summer nights, where the fireflies are lighting up the skies? Could it be the farm auctions in the sticks of Illinois that thrilled my tiny little being with the excitement of the auctioneer and shrieks of glee? or could it have been the junk shop we used to wander the dirty aisles of on a Saturday morn?
Ah, you so much! Happy Father's Day...from your littlest girl, me. (found this chandelier on the street...)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

eiffel tower, buttons, and more

I just love white & cream buttons, just can't get enough of them. thought that I would show just a couple of recent finds...
and I think that is my cat's paw sneaking in there to play with the buttons...
have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a day off...

a day off... with my hubby & son, the beach, deer, nature...need I say more?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

my recycled greenhouse...I am in HEAVEN!

yes, I have begun using my little house in the backyard. I can't even begin to thank all of the men that worked on very own hubby, Rheinhold, Bill, and...oh so many.
I have just begun landscaping around the sides and front of the house- I am going to fill huge tubs with flowers and herbs and tomatoes- I am just so thrilled to have my own little Eden!!!
thanks to all my family & friends that chipped in on this very special birthday present- I will be forever grateful...