Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day- right around the corner is just a few weeks until Mom's that day- my son takes me "out". Wherever I want to wander- we usually pick an "area" and go and explore. Last year we hit NE Mississippi- went to Flutter (FABULOUS STORE!) and all the other little places on the street.
so...I figured that I better feature some pretty gifts at the store...but of course my camera didn't take good pics today (not that I am to blame at all!).
so...more pics tomorrow- I will try it again
hope your week is going well!
off to cook brinner (breakfast for dinner)

sad news -just an update on wearing a helmet

for those that have read or emailed about the car accident that I passed, thank you for your kind words. the gentleman that I saw did not survive. it was in the newspaper today.
again, please encourage your kids to wear a helmet. he was not. my prayers and thoughts to his family and friends.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lace trees...again

Yes, the lace trees are for sale. they range in price from $15-25, depending on the amount and age of the lace. I have received a few emails about them, and thought that I had better just blog a price. I will be creating more of these, as I have a bounty of lace to sell. Please let me know if you think I should be posting prices as I blog pics of the store, I hadn't thought of doing that before.
thanks for the interest and all the emails.

Monday, April 27, 2009

please, please, please, WEAR A HELMET!!!

I was on the road today, and was so very frustrated that traffic had slowed to a crawl. There was a woman trying to slow all the cars down (this was on NE Weidler street). There were a couple of cars stopped in the road. If you don't know can be a very busy road, two lanes, one way at this point. I realized that there was probably a fender bender, so I took a deep breath.
As I slowly drove by, I realized that there was a biker on the road, no helmet, bike smashed in pieces. The biker, he had a gash on his head that I can't imagine anyone surviving. As the tears started rolling down my cheek, I drove home.
My son, 15 years old, saw me, asked what I needed (water, whiskey) then asked ...
my son is a biker. bikes everywhere, wears a helmet, most of the time.
he won't forget it again.
please...wear a helmet.
the man on the bike made the news, the "breaking news", barely 15 minutes after I got home. my son wouldn't let me hear the outcome, turned the TV off.
I pray.

NEW~ vintage lace trees, ribbons, flowers...time to CREATE!!

I changed out my store window yesterday- with some vintage home goods. I have been surrounded by garden items all week, working on the Monticello Garden show that continues on until May 24th. And I just wanted a little "home" feel to the window. So... the dress form is wearing an apron, some vintage kitchen items are in...and the antique lace trees are standing tall. Don't worry, the lace is still intact. I just found a huge box in storage of some very old lace, and wrapped it around some styrofoam trees. The lace is tacked on with vintage thumbtacks, not glued. I found playing with the lace, bagging up some old satin ribbons, and decorating the window with some creative finds would be a fun change. The satin flowers are jewels that I found antiquing, brought them in on Friday, and sold most of them already. They are made of satin cording, and just the neatest homemade flowers! so bright and cheery!
this week I am focusing on emptying out more boxes from storage, and also revamping my space at STARS ANTIQUE MALL!
Thanks for stopping by...hope everyone out there has a great week!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monticello garden show!!! MY SPACE- whew, I am finally set up! I am...bird baths, urns, plants, potting bench, rustic & peeled paint cupboard, vintage mailboxes, flower frogs and more!
This show is really going to be a fun one...all the other spaces look fantastic! I will be there bright and early on Friday morning to say hello- hope to see you all there!
By the way, I will be putting loads of garden in to my STARS space next week! Have a great week-end...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A sneak peek at my booth is the one with the squirrel, and frog under the umbrella. I have so much more, I might add another blog entry tomorrow, to show more pictures. My computer is being stubborn today!
the other pics are some of the wonderful
other vendors!!! Sooooo much fun in one place---shopping begins this Friday at 10 am- Monticello Antique Marketplace! And if you can't make it this week-end- I will be bringing new things on a regular basis as items sell!!! the show runs for 1 there is time to come more than once! see you there!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the girls, urns and pink pottery...on their way to the show!!

I think that I might be getting carried away. I just have a 5 foot by 10 foot space at the Monticello Spring Show...
there is just soooooooo much that
I want to bring!!!
I might have to hang it all from the rafters!!! (are there rafters?)

Monday, April 13, 2009

TIME FOR SPRING!! coming Monticello Spring show...

Just a few more of the teaser photos that I promised you...items that will find their way to the spring show on April 24th!
it is going to be a fun one! I can't resist a hose nozzle (or 20!) and I think that I will include a collection of clocks ("time" for spring?) I also am sooooooo in love with this antique ferris might be tough for me to part with- it has just the right amount of rust! more photos soon!

Friday, April 10, 2009

from great great joy- meet MIKE!!! love at first sight!

Last November, I blogged about our loss of two of our cats. We had recently adopted Tara, who was the pet of a lovely woman that moved and I was doing her estate sale. Tara was bound for the Humane Society, and we took her in. Soon after that, we lost our dear blue cat Ruby, to cancer. Our huge tabby cat Barney, slipped out of our house late at night and simply disappeared (we lost Ruby and Barney within a week of each other. I spent weeks, almost non-stop, searching everywhere for Barney. No luck. blog stayed quiet until I finally did a small tribute to the pair, and received wonderful messages from many- in person and in blogland.
this last Monday, my son, husband & I took a little trip to the Humane Society. I promised nothing. Was teary at first- every tabby caught my eye, and I really didn't think that I could do it. As I walked up to one of the glass doors, a cat headed my way. Looked at me, stopped at the door, and rolled over to show me his belly. was love at first sight!
Mike is home. Tara and Mike are sniffing each other, trying to decide who will be boss (I am sure Mike will be king!)
Mike is not too sure of our 2 dogs. He has taken to "growling" at them, followed by the ever loud HISS!!! I am certain that given time, Mike will break them in!
thought I would share a bit of "personal" news, instead of just store news!
Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Teaser photos...headed to Monticello Garden Show

Just some of the garden items that will most likely end up at the Monticello Garden Show (starts April 24th!)

Just love the frog with its umbrella!

Fun garden bench, birdbath, plantstand & pottery...the leaded glass cupboard needs some work (hence the paper towels inside!) but I am hoping to have it cleaned up and pretty by then!
Looking forward to the show- I am happy to have been invited to participate- I will post more photos soon! Have lots more to share~

Monday, April 6, 2009


YEP! I am told that this large, white, & wonderfully shabby surprise might be near completion and ready for move in soon! What started out as an easy "I will make it" birthday gift, has become this fun, fun almost done greenhouse! If you have been following my blog, this is what has been happening in my backyard since my delightful birthday week-end at the coast. There have been many wonderful guys working on this project, and I can't
even imagine how I will possibly thank them all!
I will post "done" completion.
Hope you all are enjoying this fabulous Portland spring day...I am TAKING a day off today!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

STARS, EASTER, jewelry boxes, & more...

These crewel bedecked chairs were meant for my house ( I just love them!)...alas they clash with everything that I own. I tried them everywhere...and am sad that they don't go with my decor! So...took them to STARS ANTIQUE MALL today, where I hope they go home with someone that loves them as much as I...
the little lamp is staying at my house- I found it today in a fabulous sale- I think that it is made out of old wallpaper...can't resist that ( Gail, you might get it for your birthday...surprise!).
The clocks, red books, globe...they were fun finds today-

The jewelry boxes...well, how many can one store have? Just love 'em!

the Easter bonnet- I think it might be the same one that I wore when I was 8 years old!