Tuesday, January 27, 2009

crystals and chandeliers

EEK! The before picture is not so pretty...but the after pics...I just love!
Crystals and chandeliers have been my focus
this week as we removed the florescent light fixtures from the store and replaced them with chandeliers. I was lucky enough to have my BFF call me and tell me that her husband wanted to get rid of some light fixtures. And...then I remembered that in some box in my basement were two very old chandeliers that were in pieces that I had picked up at a church sale last year. So...I dug them out (see before pic!) and got to work.
so...many thanks to Little Beach Designs for the inspiration and encouragement to get the job done! Thanks darlin', for all of your help...


Gail said...

They're marvelous!! Your store is so darling, can't wait to get up there to see it. Let me know when it stops snowing so I can come up!
Gail aka(littlebeachdesigns)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Really adds to the charm of the shop.