Monday, May 25, 2009

store re-do...before we moved in...

ok, so this is REALLY a before shot...I am going to re-do the store tomorrow, bringing in lots of vintage garden and pottery and plants...and I didn't take a before shot today, so I am making do with a shot of the store before we painted, set down the vintage linoleum...and moved in.
so...stay tuned for the updated pics, hopefully tomorrow afternoon (evening?)
thanks to all that bought furniture this week-end! we sold 18 pieces of furniture since FRIDAY!!! wowza, crazy weekend! and thanks to the wonderful folks that put some trellises out for free this past week- hanging on the walls already!


Unknown said...

can't wait to see the redo! You always have such great displays and front window.

Gail said...

Well I know it will look fabulous because that's what you do! I'm so very proud of you with your beautiful little shop, who would have guessed a bazillion years ago when we worked for Nordstrom that we'd be doing what we're doing today?
Ain't life grand?