Sunday, September 13, 2009

the 3/50 your neighborhood, one store at a time

the 3/50 project came to my attention last fall...the website is and it is a grass roots movement to try and help all of us retailers, small businesses, and well, just every local small business that you can imagine...
since I moved to our Fremont store last November, I have seen one restaurant, one darling gift store, a real estate company, and more close their doors in our neighborhood! so very sad to me. These are our friends, our neighbors, and sometimes our sisters and brothers, husbands and wives.
The aim of this project is simple, saving our local economy.
Please tap in to this website. Find out what it means, what it is about.
Save a small business, one business, one family at a time.
and no, this isn't a plea to come and shop at my store ( although, always nice).
this plea is for all.
this plea is for your favorite restaurant. (my favorite local- Alameda Brewhouse)
your favorite book store. (my favorite local- A Children's Place- can't beat their service!)
your favorite pet store. (my favorite local- Green Dog- hands down- best place!)
your favorite gift store (my favorite local- AZURRO- best soaps, cards, FABULOUS!)
your favorite fairy, flower, creative store (my favorite ANYWHERE- Bella Flora)
your favorite?
don't think they can survive without you, they can't . we can't.
The number of people to start this
to all that have supported me, for almost a whole year, THANKS!
an anniversary sale is indeed in the works. will keep you posted~

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Gail said...

Your post did bring tears to my eyes...why? Not because I feel sorry for all the small store owners, they are gutsy people who have a lot going on. Impressive! No, what brought the tears were the shout-outs to your favorite small stores...that's so great of you, and maybe some others will give your favorites a try...that's how it's done, one store at a time, one person at a time, finding their favorite for one reason or another.....good for you. I honestly don't know a more generous person than you (other than my dh!).
Must be why you're my best friend!!!!
Hugs to you,