Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my favorite drug...found in NW and N Portland...

yes...I cannot resist a fabulous cup of coffee...my two favorite places are at Barista, located at NW 13th and Hoyt...and my newest favorite place is on Killingsworth...right by the North PCC Campus...they make the bestest (yes...I said bestest!!!) cup of joe around...my favorite is just a simple Cappucino...and they make it like no other. Of course, Barista did win the award last year for the best cup of coffee in the USA...right here in Portland!
so...if you need a fix, try those two (and no, they didn't pay me to push their coffees!)
I'm just a local gal that likes to drink a great cup of coffee!
happy Tuesday!


holly darling smith said...

I love Barista too. And the folks there are so warm and friendly! Good choice, girl. :)

Gail said...

O.K. Missy! How come you've never taken me to these fabulous coffee places, huh, huh????
Next time I'm up there, hopefully THIS YEAR, we can go!!!!

Kindred Roses said...

That looks really tasty!!!
Julie, Kindred Roses

Unknown said...

I love coffee too.....love how they made it look like a painting....how fun!