Sunday, December 27, 2009

thank you thank you thank you...

wow...what a great season it has been! The holiday sales really cranked up these last couple of weeks...and I sold almost all of my vintage Christmas items...I literally filled almost the whole store with vintage Christmas...and now I can get all of what is left on one table!
I have begun the clean out process...I have been marking and pricing lots of goodies for our first annual "garage sale" that will take place BEHIND the store THIS coming SATURDAY, JANUARY 2nd (unless, God forbid...we have snow or sleet...) We are finally purging boxes and boxes from our basement and storage there should be lots of "stuff" to choose garage sale prices!
so...I will post some sneak peeks this week...hope you can join us for the clean out sale!


Sammy Girl said...

Mmm mmm mmm! Couldn't be there for the sale ... but maybe for the GARAGE SALE!! Sounds like a lot of fun! Am getting caught up with your posts .... on my way back from MONTANA with no high speed internet ... (so many yummy vintage ornaments you had!!)
Hugs and have a wonderful week!
Betty :)

Andy's Attic said...

How fun to have a January garage sale!! I may just have to cross over the big river and attend! Happy New Year, Annette

Gail said...

So glad your season was a success! Good luck with your next sale, if you come visit me this week you may find even more cool things (hint, hint!)

Unknown said...

so happy you had a great season! 2010 will be just as great for you!