Thursday, July 29, 2010

IT IS ALMOST HERE>>>the ESTATE sale not to miss!

this Saturday and Sunday is the sale to be at...Saturday's hours are 9-3 (but we might open a bit early!) and Sunday's hours are 10-3...and Sunday is half price under $50...and we might even do a bargain Monday for a few hours (to be determined Sunday) there is so much in this house that I am sure there will be great treasures left, at least for Sunday!
there is literally something for almost much packed in to this house, I had to borrow extra tables and shelves...there are boxes full of great stuff even under the tables...the garage is packed, too!
check estate sale finder for more pictures and details. (the pics should be up, soon, if not already!)
the address of the sale is...
to be posted tomorrow morning...(so that it is fair to everyone!) I will post the address before I leave for the house to price more boxes in the morning!
list will be on the front door!


Gail said...

Your sale is going to be soooo fantastic! I so wish I could be there.....keep thinking of all the treasures I'll be missing :(
Have fun my friend, and please take a relaxing day on Monday for yourself!

Andy's Attic said...

Can't be there Sat. but will be there Sunday for sure!!!! I am excited to see it all.