Saturday, January 1, 2011

the year of the RABBIT

a more artistic year
a year for family and friends
a calmer year
I know that the actual "year" of the rabbit doesn't start until February, but I am jump starting it to today (for me).
cuz those are my New Year's resolutions...
2.make time to be artistic
1. more time with family and friends
3. a calmer year

which does not mean that my type A personality is going to slow just means that i am going to prioritize my life differently...
all around my house and garden will be quiet reminders of my resolutions...
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed New Year,
may this be a fabulous, creative, calm and prosperous year for you all.
thank you for being a part of my life.


Andy's Attic said...

Hi Melanie,
I think you have taken all the right steps to prepare for this year to be what you want. Best wishes to you for all you strive for this year!!

Patina said...

Sounds like great goal Melanie! Have a great, relaxing new year!

gretchen said...

Love the bunnies, some how missed it was the year of the rabbit. And as far as I'm concerned, your Spring Garden Show can't come soon enough.....!

Gail said...

Hello sweetie!
Love your pictures, I love your goals for yourself and this coming year.....:).
Let's have some fun!!!!!!