Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am so glad that it didn't sell...

One of my wonderful neighbor dealers at STARS ANTIQUE MALL (thank you Shirley!) gave me this metal rack a couple of weeks ago...it hadn't sold in her booth and she was tired of looking at it...
so, being the "I'll take it" kind of gal, I took it. Then I realized...do I really need a project? (sorry, I forgot the "before" photo).
It really was pretty ugly. It had places to hang bags of goodies, but along the metal top was advertising for an obscure car part company. Really unattractive.
So, deciding I didn't need more to do, I just put it in my booth for $19.
I figured if it sold I would give half to Shirley.
But, of course, it didn't sell.
So, I brought it home where it sat outside for a week.
Since I have been purging so many little things out of my studio, I started bagging them up yesterday.
And I remembered the rack that could hold a lot of bags of goodies.
So...I got out the glue...

Kicking myself for not getting a before photo.
So very glad it didn't sell!
Thank you Shirley!
It is headed back to STARS today...



Awesome idea!!! I have a "few" bits and bobs that I want to sell like you are...what are the prices that you have on them??? This craft room has taken over and I've found I have too much stuff !! LOL!!! It's a sad truth!
Happy New Year!

Janice said...

Your creativity is inspiring!


Andy's Attic said...

Very great makeover and you know I love me some little bags of whatever!!