Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my top ten list for today...

this is my top ten loves for today...they do not take in to account God, family or friends (or the pets...)

just a fun list of my faves...

1). school...(stressful but loving it)...
2) coffee...needed especially for #1
3) STARS antique mall...ALWAYS my fave place to shop!
4) old old watering cans
5) old old ephemera
6) old old boxes and wood
7) hubby's recycled creations
8) my studio (getting a good overhaul during spring break...giving up that project til school is out for spring)
9) the TV shows Castle and the Mentalist (found them this year...love me a good mystery)
10) planting in my greenhouse...getting my hands covered in dirt!

what do you love today?



Cool "fairy" house that your hubby made. Fun facts about you! I love old paper too.

Andy's Attic said...

today I love the sunshine and my new space at Rusty Glamour...
I could go on but must get back to work,

Charlotte's Web Antiques said...

I'm loving the bright sunshine today-not loving the way it shows off the dirty windows! Oh well, projects to work on. Windows can wait!

Anonymous said...

I love today to know that the snow is melting quick on the drivwway and down the road to beable to walk soon for Spring.

Next Wed it is to be like a summers day. That is news for up North in Canada. Will sure take advantage of that. Ya!

I like the Mentalist and Castle also.